arnaud blk

The Captain,

The sea is my office, my home, my garden, my playground.
It’s also my confidant, my muse inspiration… I think you got it, the sea is central to my life.

I’ve been working on salty water for 12 years and since I took the comand of Felicia in January 2019, I almost live non stop on the Sea.

A life of sailing, meetings, landscapes… But also a life of work and rigor.
The sea is as beautifull as it can be rough. Believe me, working and living on the water is not always idyllic.

Felicia is based in the Caribbean. We offer luxury personalized charter.
For more information click on Felicia page here.

The photographer (amateur)

So many landscapes, so many faces, so many experiences, I did not want to forget them.
I’ve been looking for a way to help my memory to bring back souvenirs, ambiances and emotions.

Some people choose painting, writing or making video. I opt for photography.
I love the idea of freezing the moment. Capture this quarter of second that, when look at again, will bring you back the whole story.

That’s the exact reason of this website.
I’d like to share with you those moments, those looks, et those colors.
Sometimes with just one shot, sometimes a set of pictures.

With great pleasure I share with you these pictures.
The only thing I’m asking you to do is to take your time !

Take your time to stop on a photograph…
to breath deeply…
and to gaze at it…
Observe it until your imagination, feed on details, tells you a story.

Have a good navigation
Arnaud Blk