At this moment…

…The trade winds murmur through the coconut tree leafs. The sea reply with wavelet.

On the deserted beach, a little girl is playing between the beached boat. She talks alone, tell herself a story.
Seated on the tube of my dinghy, I’m waiting for my passenger who are taking a stroll on the island.
I’m making myself as small as possible, I try to erase myself, making sure I’m not disturbing the young comedian
and that way, I continue to enjoy this  show of innocence.

She’s going around the boat, only her little braid and the white bow stick out. The wood of the bark deaden her voice. She squat down and disappear.

Suddenly,  everything rise up ! Her voice, her braid, her story ! She hurtle down the beach to the sea with a pierced coconut in her hand.
A silence full of concentration is needed to fill up this natural bucket.

I jump on my Nikon, set it as I can and catch the present of this moment…